Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to control your temptations?

Could you remember your age from when you have got tempted by whatever you observe?
Could you count the number of times you have got tempted?
Can you name a person in your circle who have not tempted for anything?
Did any time you think "Is there a way to control my temptations?"
Did any time you think like, you need to control your temptations one day?
Has anybody told you a method to control such temptation?

I bet -
If you are a smoker, you would get tempted on seeing a hero in a movie with cigar....
If you are a drunkard, you would get tempt on seeing a wine shop...
Likewise, some are addicted to unhealthy fatty fried foods.

So why am I blabbering all these now?
YES, To tell you a way to control your it of any kind...!

The one and only solution is DIVERSION...Mind Diversion.

Yes, I did and I succeeded.
Once I was a heavy smoker and a drunkard...I Stopped all these non-sense now, I saved my health and more than it, money. I am free of tension that people would watch me smoking on road or with a bottle in a wine shop.

There is no other tip other than mind diversion to control your senses, my friend...

So, what is this Mind Diversion? Is it a hard task? Are there principles to perform this? No....

Just divert your mind to any other thing or task or person, while you are tempted by the one which is in front of you.

Try it sincerely..! You will thank me...:)

Kind Regards...

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