Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tips for Healthy Relationships

Hello Everybody!
Good Evening & How r u?

Topic today that I want to discuss is, How to build a healthy relationship.

So What is relationship in general? I would say it is about Creating bond among the people that we mingle. And why we aim for a healthy relationship? Yes, to maintain a trouble free successful journey of life.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Caution! Being Facetious may downgrade you...

Hey there!

What I am going to discuss now is about facetious. I know you guys would be knowing the meaning of facetious. But you guys should also know how to use this habit on your situations.

If you are a professional who works in an organization, this habit would (am not saying it WILL) downgrade you in such a way that your colleagues would think you are not a serious personnel, and there are chances that they would not consider you for serious discussions or decision makings.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How to get rid of laziness

Today again am travelling alone in my office bus going back to my home this fine evening.

My mind again started to think of my blog, and so I start to write this topic...

I am not a proactive guy to give you challenging tips to get rid of laziness.
But I wish to share the one I learnt, and my experience against it.

Now straight to topic, getting rid of laziness. Did anytime you think, why am I  so lazy? Yes, first you must think about it...then only you will find the reason.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to Concentrate

Concentration : Sleepless nights - Laziness - Interest - Mind power - Timer - Dedication - Stress - Out of focus

So what are those subsequent words next to Concentration? Are they synonyms of Concentration? If I say yes, you would certainly leave this blog.
I would say those are the problems that spoils our concentration. Would you accept?
Let me tell you why!

A person who lacks concentration would undoubtedly fall in one or all of the above mentioned problems.

How to Stop the Fear in You...!

Hi All,

Am on the way to my home now. Its 6.30 pm IST, very chill evening.Usually myself with 2 of my colleagues used to chat during our travel in office bus. But today  I am travelling alone as they got engaged in their day's  tasks it seems.

And so thought of utilizing this time in writing this topic, 'How to Stop Fear'.
Fear is common to all kind of beings, be to an animal or to an insect or to a bird or, to a 6 sense creature human.

Monday, 28 January 2013

A Tip to escape from Dogs..

Dear friend,

This afternoon I am bit relaxed from my hectic tasks. Even I cannot write more as I am at my desk in my office.
We have liberty to do personal tasks, but I always do not take it for granted.
I had in my mind of this small tip to be put in my blog for my friends whoever read this.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Something is better than nothing...

Hi Good Morning,

This morning I feel so fresh and so wanted to share you this simple and interesting topic.

The title is not new to everybody who reads this, as we are hearing this as a proverb from our childhood.
Let us now see how this helps us in our day to day life, and how it helps us get rid off our procrastination habit.