Friday, 28 December 2012

How to prepare Yummy Egg Omelet...!

How many times have you prepared Egg Omlet? How many times people said its smelly? :(
Now try my method to prepare non-smelly yummy omlets...

Here is the method
. Break egg(s) in a wide bowl

. Add turmeric powder (removes odour & germs in egg)
. Put finely chopped onions, & green chillies (fried or raw) into the beaten egg bowl
. Add pepper powder for additional flavor (pepper could dominate the onion & green chillies flavor).
  People like me who love onion & green chilly flavor can avoid this. I tried both :).
. Add 2 teaspoons of water to soften the egg (have you tried this before? try now...)
. Add salt (3 pinch for an egg)
. Add a drop of cooking oil (to blend the mix)
. Beat this mixture for 2 mins
. Switch on stove, heat dosa pan or any wide pan
. Add 2 teaspoons of cooking oil (or olive oil if you prefer)
. Pour Egg mixture into the pan and expand to desired shape
. Heat for 3 mins on both the sides of the egg
. Finally, keep the fire in sim and heat the omlet for another 2 mins
. Tempting Yummy omlet is ready
. Serve hot always! (eat or serve immediately)

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