Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to Stop the Fear in You...!

Hi All,

Am on the way to my home now. Its 6.30 pm IST, very chill evening.Usually myself with 2 of my colleagues used to chat during our travel in office bus. But today  I am travelling alone as they got engaged in their day's  tasks it seems.

And so thought of utilizing this time in writing this topic, 'How to Stop Fear'.
Fear is common to all kind of beings, be to an animal or to an insect or to a bird or, to a 6 sense creature human.
We fear because we feel something that we want to acquire, but that is UNKNOWN to us. One has to understand that fear is a habit, and is not born with us. Does a child fear? A child if its born poor or with a silver spoon, doesn't know what's fear...

Ofcourse as you think, we are grown up like that. Our mom, dad, friend, grand parent, relative, teacher, and other well wishers always in a thought that they want to safe guard us from some sort of activities. And that is the resultant of this habit, fear.

Mom-Dad used to tell, hey dear don't go there. Grand parent used to preach us like, those days we were strict against these acts, and so you too have to follow this for your well being. A friend used to tell, machan i HEARD there is a snake near that hut, so you don't go there. Note that, he is not sure (just HEARD) if there is a snake. We blindly believe that, and one fine day that hut would be worshipped as a temple.

The right way of facing fear is preparation. If you study well you don't need to fear of exams. If you prepare for interview you will not fear of interview panels. If you are smart and intelligent, you don't need to fear of approaching a girl. If you are exercised and fit you don't need to fear of taking out your shirt in the public.

Prepare yourself to attack your fears. Swami Vivekananda says, 'Illiterate is the cause for fear'. If you are not prepared you become illiterate. The more you learn (prepare) you are bold.

Again, though you are not prepared you can get rid off fear in no time. How? Just jump, but be ready to meet the consequences. Are you ready? But that is not long term my friend. You can do this  for your first step, but again YOU MUST PREPARE TO SUSTAIN. Got me?

Anybody who jumps in to the so called unknown becomes brave. He who boldly go and confirm if there is no snake would not blindly fear like others. But be prepared always! I would say, jump with a stick at least.

If you are not prepared, don't blindly jump in front of audience to talk thinking you are fearless...you would be helpless! If you are not prepared don't attend that interview for God's sake, if you are not prepared don't dream about 1st rank. That's why my friend, prepare yourself to win the fear!

Preparation is nothing but at least a kind of little hard work.

I designed this image (with unusual hard colors of fear). Do you fear on seeing this image? Google and Compare a usual hard colored image of fear with this…

YES! We are trained that way..!

C U again!

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