Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How to get rid of laziness

Today again am travelling alone in my office bus going back to my home this fine evening.

My mind again started to think of my blog, and so I start to write this topic...

I am not a proactive guy to give you challenging tips to get rid of laziness.
But I wish to share the one I learnt, and my experience against it.

Now straight to topic, getting rid of laziness. Did anytime you think, why am I  so lazy? Yes, first you must think about it...then only you will find the reason.

Don't worry if you are physically sick. But should definitely worry if you are sick m
 entally. 99% people are lazy due to mental weakness. Actually they keep telling outside and to themselves that they are lazy. What you think often and talk often is what registered in your subconscious mind.

Keep telling yourself that you are not a lazy sheep. Always tell  to yourself and others that "I am very busy, I have got lot of work to do" though you have not listed any. But would be great if you have a long list too...!

This way of training our subconscious mind is called AFFIRMATION.
Keep telling this mantra whenever you remember. I write in my left palm that I want to remember, as most of the times our mind would engage in other thoughts.

Make your subconscious mind to believe that you are full busy. You will feel your habit of laziness gone away from you.

Nice to c u again as an enthu kid..! I say kid becoz kid never get bored or tired or lazy, and keeps them busy always...

Catchu again...!

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