Monday, 28 January 2013

A Tip to escape from Dogs..

Dear friend,

This afternoon I am bit relaxed from my hectic tasks. Even I cannot write more as I am at my desk in my office.
We have liberty to do personal tasks, but I always do not take it for granted.
I had in my mind of this small tip to be put in my blog for my friends whoever read this.
And felt this is the time I can pen down this small tip in this short span.

Yes, a brief discussion about the title you read!
How many of you are afraid of dog(s)? How many of you run on seeing a dog? How many of you throw stones on a dog thinking it would bite you?
But what you think is not the actual. I mean dogs are very friendly unless you tease them. You need not go and shake your hands if you see them.
Just ignore!!!
The tip is - just look at the sky if you see a roaring dog alone, or if they are in bunch.
They simply ignore you if you ignore them. This tips work for even other animals too...try it!


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