Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to Concentrate

Concentration : Sleepless nights - Laziness - Interest - Mind power - Timer - Dedication - Stress - Out of focus

So what are those subsequent words next to Concentration? Are they synonyms of Concentration? If I say yes, you would certainly leave this blog.
I would say those are the problems that spoils our concentration. Would you accept?
Let me tell you why!

A person who lacks concentration would undoubtedly fall in one or all of the above mentioned problems.

Whenever I lost my concentration, I have noticed the below -
. either would not have slept well the previous night,
. I was too lazy to do any kind of activity,
. sometimes felt I was stressed due to other tensions.

Similarly if you too are unable to concentrate on some of your situations, relate any of the above to know whether you are affected by those problems. If you notice any of the complaints affecting you, obviously you have to rectify them.

Complaints like sleepless nights, laziness, dedication, interest can be transformed with simple efforts.
What would you do if you are affected by memory problems or stress?

From my experience I would suggest 2 simple methods to cure lack of concentration.
. breathing exercises and
. meditation.
These 2 remedies do wonders for any of your physical or mental problems that disturb your concentration; as, Concentration is not required only for studies.
It is also very much required for any kind of your regular activities such as, driving, talking, listening, walking, swimming, biking, playing, racing, etc...If no concentration, none of these activities can be enjoyed with fulfill.

Friend, so let us start with these 2 simple exercises daily for just 10 mins each, to cure the lack of concentration.

So how do you perform these methods?
. Breath in deeply through your nose, hold for few seconds and release the air out through nose, initially in the ratio of 1:3:2 (10 mins)
. Meditate by just closing your eyes without thinking of anything, let thoughts pass through on its way (10 mins)

If you have enough time, do these in the mornings and evenings.

Cheer up!

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