Thursday, 24 January 2013

Something is better than nothing...

Hi Good Morning,

This morning I feel so fresh and so wanted to share you this simple and interesting topic.

The title is not new to everybody who reads this, as we are hearing this as a proverb from our childhood.
Let us now see how this helps us in our day to day life, and how it helps us get rid off our procrastination habit.

We know that if we want to complete our tasks on time, we have to stop procrastination.
Let me now tell you a simple way to get rid off procrastination.

Yes, as simple as that...Something is better than nothing.

Got me?

Suppose you decide to start doing 50 push ups each day, and due to laziness you postpone. You decide to start reading novels, and for some reason it is getting postponed. You decide to wake up early, but you are on bed until 8 am as you are used to it for past 15 years.
So now, how this formula (Something is better than nothing) helps to get rid off our procrastination habit?
 - do 5 push ups a day instead of 50
 - read half page a day of the novel you purchased a year ago
 - wake up just 5 mins before your usual time

After few days automatically you yourself decide to add 5 more pushups, read half-a-more page in your novel, wakeup 5 more mins earlier than your current count.

I remind a statement here by Swami Vivekanda - He says, A person's Character was not born with him, it was practiced by him. If you practice yourself in a right way your mind follows that right habit, else...., you know the contradictory of it...

Have you got about Something is better than nothing? simple right? Hope you apply this for any of your procrastinating job..!


Thanks for reading, All the Best...!


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