Thursday, 7 February 2013

Caution! Being Facetious may downgrade you...

Hey there!

What I am going to discuss now is about facetious. I know you guys would be knowing the meaning of facetious. But you guys should also know how to use this habit on your situations.

If you are a professional who works in an organization, this habit would (am not saying it WILL) downgrade you in such a way that your colleagues would think you are not a serious personnel, and there are chances that they would not consider you for serious discussions or decision makings.

People would then love to talk only for less important discussions which are not so serious. I am not telling you shouldn't smile or laugh, but limit yourself.

Look at your face in the mirror when you are alone in home. Try to read a paragraph with a teethe smile between each sentence. See yourself if it looks professional. Definitely not! So, imagine how it would be for a third person who talk to you if you have this habit.

Dear friend, being friendly means you need not required to show your teeth every few seconds. Change yourself to be serious. Talk, walk, smile and even look like a professional with a limit in your smile. Maintain a contemplate look, like as if you are thinking bit serious while conversation. Never ever move your eyes away from the person with whom you are speaking. It is not mandatory that you should stare at the person's eyes until the conversation. You can look at other parts of their face too. But again don't stare for long time on a specific part, as they may think something is sticking to that part of their face.

Long time back I was of this trait, showing all my teeth like a donkey between every few seconds of the conversation. That created a thought among people that I am not a serious guy who would take things seriously.

On an advice from one of my well wisher who identified this sense of mine, I completely changed this facet and now I am respected and invited for serious conferences.

This is not the advice for people who are already professional in nature. This post would help people who might be having a thought that they are not respected wherever they are. This post is for the one who search for how to be respected wherever they go.

I am not telling this is the only way to get respected. I am telling this is  one of the reasons for those people who complains themselves that they are not respected often.

So next time my friend, pinch yourself before a conversation that you should not smile until the conversation ends. The hard you pinch, it reminds you till the end of talk. Initially, to train yourself to be serious, control your blushing smile for few days between all of your conversations. This would create a confidence in you that you are becoming matured enough than before. Once you get that confidence, slowly add very very little smile when required. That's it..!

I started this post saying this trait should be used only on certain situations. Which means you shouldn't use at all times. So is there a situation where you can use this habit?

Yes you have a situation...Wanna escape from your family or friends from a mistake that you did? Try to use this time...the serious scene would become like the one that you have not even expected...!

Let me know if it works for you. Your Life is not driven by others, try as you like, You would find a perfect solution on your own for all your queries that you expect from others. Else don't worry as there are people who would identify you to guide you as I got the one for mine, who identified and changed my facetious habit...!

Life is easy boss...!

Take care,

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