Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tips for Healthy Relationships

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Topic today that I want to discuss is, How to build a healthy relationship.

So What is relationship in general? I would say it is about Creating bond among the people that we mingle. And why we aim for a healthy relationship? Yes, to maintain a trouble free successful journey of life.

To maintain a healthy relationship you need to practice and be consistent in your behavior. Let your relationship be of any kind; a relationship between a mother & a child, or a boss  & the sub-ordinate, you have to behave accordingly. 'Accordingly' I mean 'study' and behave.

At least once in your experience you would have noticed some of the most lovable couples. Some might even would have felt jealous on seeing such relationships. You also know very well that this relationship that you see today did not happen to them in a day. The reality is, even they would have surpassed all the troubles and fights with each other during their early days.

So what made them close together? What is the secret behind those healthy relationships? What made them gel?

The answer is Experience.
...Yes, experience in their behavior behaviour through their study of life.

I would say there are several factors that involve in a healthy relationship. Speak, Listen, Honest, Romance, Smile, Patience, Nag, Anger, Fight are the basic and the most mandatory factors. Among which if any one factor get over exaggerated or if totally condensed the relationship would sore...I mean you feel uncomfortable.

How do you tackle this then, to rejoice a healthy term? Limit yourselves in all these factors. Behave accordingly. Nobody is going to complain on you that, "you dint speak too much, or you dint smile for longtime". See to that you customize these factors based on the person you deal with.

Now let me suggest you some of the traits that helps for a healthy relationship.

Traits of experienced and successful couple:  be romantic; always listen to what she speaks, though you get blood from both of your ears; speak a lot to her about your future; plan regularly for a trip; don't be rude while you speak; show her the anger at times, to let her know that you dint like the way she did; do fights but make it short; stop advising often; teach each other if either of the one highlight in some activities (say teaching a foreign language), and the worst of all, NEVER EVER be a nagging person pinpointing every little fault.

On a contrary how do you deal with a stranger (even your today's friend or the boss was a stranger to you before you talked with them right?) - Limit or cut down some of the factors as you do not know that person's actual character. Limit yourself until you study them. Limit your smile, talk, anger, fear, but always listen.

A final word - whoever may be the one with whom you want to maintain a healthy relationship (a friend or spouse or boss or to a stranger), unless you study them do not engage yourself close with them. The more you go close before you study a person, the more fast your relationship will drown.

A final secret by Chanakya, the Indian Scholar (c. 370–283 BCE) - Never ask others to keep the secrets. If you yourself unable to keep your secret with you, how do you believe others would keep with them".

But Life is easy boss...! :)

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